In practise for 51 years. 

Applying Charles Tebbetts Parts Therapy  for over thirty years using Light and Sound Technology.

The Hidden Mind. A method & term invented by Joe Keeton the Past Life Hypnotherapist many years ago.

The Hidden Mind is the real you. The one that gets its way with you, until You re-train it.

Training in the use of Light and Sound Devices

for great mental health  now offered monthly worldwide.

Science took over Hypnosis years ago.  Now catch up.

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Fifty years helping people and for over thirty years I have taught written and practised this technique I found out almost by accident. Putting religious writings, psychological theories and science, occult writings, secret society rituals and my own life events together gave me the hidden methods to the secret of attracting the best possible life for you and making it happen.

 IT DOES NOT TAKE MONTHS and YEARS. It takes a few sessions.

Including Charles Tebbetts methods of Mind Integration Techniques

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