Discover Light & Sound Technology for Healing with David Bentley.  In practice since 1972.

The Hidden Mind, A term invented by Joe Keeton. Famous Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist.

Neural Clinical Psychology. The use of Light and Sound Technology to change your life.

Relaxation / Meditation Classes all year.

Workshops for Instant Memory Access. IMA Technique for stress relief.

Stockist for Photosonix Light and Sound Equipment.

Never make anyone a priority that looks on you just as an option.

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Phobias, Panic Attacks, Anorexia, Depression, Fear, ADHD, have all been dealt with successfully for many years.

Whole brain capacity equals whole memory capacity.

Learn how to benefit from Light and Sound Technology.

>>>>  Truth  Escaping  About  Some Vaccines  <<<<


I have decided to make available to all, a method only used by advanced therapists trained by me.

Now available to you to use at home on your own computer.

Your life will change for ever when you use this software programme and method.

You will need instruction to use this programme. IT WORKS



Like over eating, over spending, smoking, drinking alcohol or using drugs. Find out what has been stopping you getting the income of money you need and the good things others seem to have.

Contact  me  now.   HERE  and get the facts.

ONLY ever used by me and those I trained for use in practice.

Body - Mind - Spirit Integration using Light and Sound technology.

All you ever want to do or have, is possible.

Have good health. Have a Better Than Average Income of Money.

Be better in Business. Be good at Games and Sports you play and above all,

be a winner in life by having complete control over your thoughts and actions.

EEG, Bio Feedback Measurement & Light & Sound Technology since 1979. 

Hypnotherapy since 1972.

Learn how to use your Thinking Power. I will help you achieve your purpose. 

Get those " I cannot do it " thoughts removed and get the positive results you want in minutes, not months or years.

If you are not prepared to use Skype on camera,  please do not contact me.


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