Free Of Charge Therapeutic Service Only for Armed Service Veterans with PTSD.

Photo-Sonic  Therapy.   AVS.    Light and Sound therapy.

 This Free MP3 Can Change Your Neural Pathways

Discover your hidden character that suffered the trauma, talk to it and get well.

Yes there's more than just one of you. You know the other one ( the voice ) inside that won't rest.

Get rid of Fears - Phobias - Nightmares - Panic Attacks and the ideas that you are not good enough.

Post Operative - Post Natal Stress for ladies all dealt with.

Switch your head off when you go to bed.     Be   relaxed   and   sleep   better   NOW tonight.

Leave   Trauma Memories - Work   and   Family   STRESS   behind.

Alcohol and Drugs are not the answer.

 All ages successfully treated.

All the above dealt with successfully for over 50 years.

26 years with the same methods and devices.

Please don't waste your life suffering, or making your family and friends suffer.  There really is no need.

Don't believe therapy is all guesswork, it isn't.

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Based in the UK but practiced USA - Canada - Europe - Middle East.

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UK Veterans PTSD is is applying for charity status for 2018.

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The Hidden Mind. A term invented by Joe Keeton, Past Life Hypnotherapist many years ago.

The Book - The Hidden Mind written by me 1984.

Highly recommended therapist John Richardson :-

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