Release the fears held from your childhood or present day in your Hidden Mind that hold you back from success and cause pain.

No confidence, can't sleep, always ill, always in pain, always arguing, cant let go of the past and hoard things you don't need.


School teachers and parents, people of authority, telling you that you are no good, need to try harder.

You will never amount to anything, you're not good enough, no you cannot have that, no you cannot have any money.

Never be as good as you father or mother, sister or brother.

Turn it round now quickly and easily with Light and Sound Technology.

The Hidden Mind. A term invented by Joe Keeton, Past Life Hypnotherapist many years ago.

Don't be confused by all the drivel from the mental health professionals.

Drugs only jam up your ability to have normal thought.

Psychiatry never cured anybody of anything, ever.

Light and Sound Brainwave Entrainment Therapy

Yoga is good, but why not do it the easy way.

Training for Photo-Sonic Induced Brainwave Entrainment.

Effortless Meditation for Better Mental and Physical Health, 

Help Study,  Stress Relief, Remove Phobias, Gain Confidence, Relieve Pain.

Using only devices manufactured by Photosonix of California. Contact for Training in the use of these products.


Brain Wave States.

Neurologists have characterized the type of activity correlated with different brain wave frequencies.

 A lot of research for many years has been conducted in this area, and there is definitely not universal

agreement among researchers but how many have spiritual capability and can put the scientific to the esoteric.

 See the work of:-  C. Maxwell Cade  ref. The MInd Mirror

Brain State and Subjective Experiences.

Gamma                      35+ Hertz                Possible association with peak performance states

High Beta                   18-35 Hertz             Narrow focus, over aroused, anxiety when dominant

Mid Beta                    15-18 Hertz             Active, external attention, moderate arousal

SMR Beta                  12-15 Hertz             Relaxed, external attention

Alpha                           8-12 Hertz             Very relaxed, passive attention

Theta                            4-7 Hertz               Deeply relaxed

Delta                             0.5-3 Hertz            Sleep

In my fifty years of dealing with mental health EEG and Light and Sound technology,the frequency

 of the brainwave is only a part of the equation on the way to balanced brainwave activity and happy lifestyle.

Discover your hidden mind and get well. Yes you have more than one mind.

Now find out why you are in two minds about everything. Whatever it may be.

Speak with the voice and thoughts in your head that cause confusion in your life.

Get rid of:-   Phobias,  Panic Attacks,  ADHD.  No Confidence. Etc Etc.

 Successful cases of Anorexia, Autism, Parkinson's Disease,  Post Natal Depression.

Be   relaxed   and   sleep   better   NOW.   Leave  your  work   and   family   stress   behind.

People diagnosed with cancers have used Photosonic Stimulation with great effect.

All the above dealt with successfully for over 45 years.

Yoga is good, but why not do it the easy way.

Please don't waste your life suffering, there really is no need.

Don't believe therapy for mental health is all guesswork, it isn't.

All names given to mental health problems are a result of the same one problem

Conflict between the memories stored in the two opposite sides of your body and brain.

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