Light And Sound Therapist Academy

Practicing therapist of all disciplines wishing to learn our methods please contact us.

Training for Mental Fitness for Sports and Physical Fitness with Light and Sound technology.


Seminars - Webinars and Demonstrations starting January 2020

Stage 1. Working with Light & Sound devices and technology for Excellent Physical and Mental Health

Therapeutic uses of Brainwave Entrainment for Winning in Sport, Games, Health


One day courses starting January 2020.   Zoom meetings  staring December 2020

You cannot reach your purpose goals or destiny when you are acting on your hidden fears.

Rapid relief from Panic Attacks and Phobias.

Remove blockages that stop you winning in Sport, Life, Mental and Physical Health

A caring effective therapy using safe state of the art methods and technology.

Improvement  for behaviour in young children.


Methods only used by therapists trained by D. Bentley

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